Cardinal Tauran’s sad demise

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The 74-year old cardinal passed away on July 5 at Hartford, U.S., where he was undergoing treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

The Holy Father noted that the cardinal “entered the diplomatic service of the Holy See, and exercised with competence, among others, the post of Secretary for Relations with States.”   “Appointed by Pope Benedict XVI to head the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, he was an advisor who was listened to and appreciated, particularly because of the relationships of trust and esteem he was able to establish with the Muslim world.”

Pope Francis said he vividly recalled Cardinal Tauran as a “man of profound faith who courageously served the Church of Christ to the end despite the burden of illness.”

The board members of Hindu Forum of Europe had met with Cardinal Tauren in his Office and fruitful discussions on Conversion and  Hindu killings occurring in various parts of the World.

Cardinal said “You have to remember that interreligious dialogue is not dialogue between religions. It’s dialogue between believers,” he explained – “It’s not a theological, philosophical exercise. First, you have to accept that we live in a world that’s plural: culture, religion, education, scientific research. Every human being has a religious dimension. Between believers we try first of all to know each other. And the first thing you have to do is to proclaim your faith because you can not build that dialogue on ambiguity.”

Several diplomats, priests and fellow prelates have reacted to the cardinal’s death, taking to social media to praise him not only for his kindness and humor, but for his longstanding service to the Church.

“May the Lord embrace lovingly this kind and gentle man who served the Church so faithfully.”

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