ENORB – European Network on Religion and Belief (June 29th 2017)

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ENORB works to combat discrimination and promote mutual understanding by facilitating dialogue between Religion and Belief traditions in Europe.

 At the Annual General Assembly 29th June 2017 at Center Espaces, 40 Avenue de la Renaissance in Brussels, the Hindu Forum of Europe was represented by Marie Mandakini Spennare and the Hindu Forum of Belgium by Manik Paul.

Following the initial questions, it was decided to table the annual meeting during this summer (and resume it later, in sept.-oct.) and therefore no elections took place.

During the afternoon status reports from participating countries were reviewed as “snapshots” on current issues and special events. Terrorism and integration, trust and the importance of meeting in “safe space” as well as focus on religion and gender/women and youth. Different methods and comparisons of how to work both “as usual” and more innovatively with interreligious/intercultural dialogues in each country gave a good discussion.

The day ended with a delicious vegetarian spiritual dinner (prasadam) that was cooked and served by devotees from The Bhakti Yoga Center in Brussels.


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