European Elections 22-25 May 2014

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Your Chance to Have your Say: European Elections

This month are the European Elections. Many of you who are of voting age will have the opportunity to vote for candidate standing to become Members of the European Parliament (MEP). Do you even know who your candidates are? What does their party stand for? More to the point what does the candidate stand for? You should know of and about your candidates and their politics. Whether they are Dharmic people i.e. of sound character, do they have integrity and honesty? Have they been approachable to inquiries from Hindus? Have they been sympathetic, and more to the point have they backed all that up with actions for the Hindu Community?  If their actions have not reflected their words, then should you consider voting for another candidate? A vote is only wasted if you do not use it or use it wisely. Please do not waste your vote, use it. Vote in the European Elections on 22-25 May. There are 751 seats up for grabs.  You will find more information about the European Parliament and its processes here:

You will be able to see all potential candidates by country by following this link


Quote from Mahatma Gandhi, On religion and Politics.


‘For me, politics bereft of religion are absolute dirt, ever to be shunned. Politics concern nations and that which concerns the welfare of nations must be one of the concerns of a man who is religiously inclined, in other words, a seeker after God and Truth. For me, God and Truth are convertible terms, and if anyone told me that God was a god of untruth or a god of torture, I would decline to worship Him. Therefore, in politics also we have to establish the kingdom of Heaven.’

 (YI, 18-6-1925, p. 214)

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