European Parliament Working Group addresses the abduction of Pakistani Hindu Girls with the prompting of HFE and WSC

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Question for written answer to the Commission (Vice-President/High Representative) Subject: VP/HR – Abduction and forced conversion of Hindu girls in Pakistan Hindu girls are regularly abducted in Pakistan and forcefully made to marry and convert to Islam with some reports claiming that 1000 girls are forced to convert every year. Although abduction and forced conversions is a serious issue, the Pakistani government and media continue to ignore such cases which encourages more abductions and forced conversions. 1. Is the EU VP/HR aware of these worrying developments? 2. What measures is the EU currently taking to address the issue of abduction and forced conversions of Hindu girls? 3. What measures is the EU currently taking or planning to take in order to promote freedom of religion or belief in Pakistan? 4. Is the EU willing to remind the government of Pakistan of its obligations under UN treaties and as part of the GSP+ trade agreement to promote and protect equality, dignity and human rights of all Pakistanis? In particular a core purpose of the EU’s GSP+ programme is to link human rights to trade incentives, with the idea of using such incentives to promote developing countries’ adoption of the values found in core human rights treaties.

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