Meeting with Belgium’s Minister of Justice, Mr. Koen Geens: Request for recognition of Hinduism in Belgium

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Date: Tuesday 13 June 2017
Location: Ministry of Justice, Boulevard Waterloo 115, Brussels
Time: 17.45-19.30h
Present: Minister of Justice Koen Geens, Bernard Dufour
HFB: Martin Gurvich, Herman Janssens, Anil Chunivan, Ravinder Singh, Rabindra Man Shreshtha, Rita Bouwman, Kishore Shah, Bhavana Bhansali Ashar, Arikirushnan Jeyarajah, Shashi Devani , Malati devi dasi


Subject of the meeting: Request for recognition of Hinduism

The meeting started at 17:45 with Mr Bernard Dufour, assistant to the minister, and since the Minister was in the parliament. He explained ...

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