General Assembly of the Hindu Forum Europe, 16th of June 2018

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16th of June 2018, the General Assembly met to discuss the annual financial report, the approval of new members and the election of the new board. Present were members of the HFBelgium, HFBritain, HFSweden, HFHungary, Hindu Union Italy, Hindoe Raad Nederland, NCHT.
New members were approved: HFLuxembourg, HFSwitzerland, Hindu Matters Britain
Guest: Meenaxi Sundaram from France
The Financial report was approved. There is a concern to get membership fees and find donors to support our cause. The new board was elected:
  • President Dr Lakshmi Vyas
  • Vice President Marie Spennare Mandakini
  • Treasurer – Gianluca Trianno
  • 1st Secretary. Malati Dasi
  • 2nd Secretary Usha Dockie
Plans for 2018/2019 were discussed: Diwali event in the EU parliament in October this year. Special attention to some topics like GDPR.

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