White paper on the Future of Europe, 7th of July 2017

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Dr Lakshmi Vyas attended a discussion on the Future of Europe between EU officials and the partners of the Commission’s Dialogue with churches, religious, philosophical and non-confessional organisations. The meeting was held on Friday 7th July at Barlaymont Building(European Commission) from 2.30 to 6.00 pm.

The Meeting was introduced by Ben Smulders, Head of Cabinet of First President Frans Timmermans. Followed by the presentation of White Paper on Future of Europe and discussion with Christian Calliess, team leader and advisor at EU. The debate was moderated by Katharina von Schnurbein Coordinator for dialogues with churches, religions at European Commission. Closing remarks were given by Chiara Adamo Head, Fundamental rights, DG Justice & Consumers, EU.

The meeting was well organised and moderated by Katharina. The discussion was productive and revolved around the five scenarios:

  1. Carrying on,
  2. Nothing but Single Marker,
  3. Those who want do more,
  4. Doing less more efficiently,
  5. Doing more much more together and the way ahead as how Europe can come out of the current situation.

The policy of overview was discussed. The meeting concluded with vote of thanks and felicitation to Katharina, as she is going on sabbatical leave. Few photographs are attached.

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